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Last June, 33 students from 1 and 2 ESO and 2 teachers spent 5 days in Sedano taking part in an English immersion course. We arrived in Sedano on 15 June at 10.00 in the morning and were recieved by Luci, the person in charge at the Complejo Residencial Miguel Delibes, and 3 leaders, Desmond, Edu and Willy, the ones to give us the different lessons and do the activities.

Every day, we were woken up at 8.30 with music to do some sport. Then, at 9.20, we all had breakfast. There were also two lesson sessions, from 10.00 to 12.00 in the morning and from 16.00 to 18.00 in the evening. During those lessons, we were told about Sedano Valley and learnt different ways of orienteering there, made up stories about the animals living there, learnt about fossils, became publicists (like in Mad Men).... The students in Desmond`s class tried to find out what happened to Mr Jonshon and are still wondering who Helen is!!!! At noon and in the evenings, we always had an activity related to what we had worked with during the lessons; we made footprints, took plants and flowers and described them as in a herbal, went to find fossils, took part in different orienteering games.... Meal times were: lunch at 14.00, snack at 18.00 and dinner at 21.00 (the cook at the residence is great, everything was delicious and we could always have a second plate whenever we felt like). We were given some free time to have a nap at 15.00, but as the leaders were always ready to make us be active, no one did so; instead, we spent that hour playing football, basket or just sunbathing while talking about the different things we had done during the lessons. Shower time was from 20.00 to 21.00. We ended the day with a late night activity from 22.00 to 23.45. We played different games: a special hide and seek, the spider, walking dead, orienteering at night.... On Wednesday, we watched the Spain vs Chile football match and had a talent show (the theatre shows and the dancings were awesome, without forgetting the mystery boys!!).

Tuesday was special as we spent part of the day hiking. We went to the Blue Pitt. Most of us were really brave and swam there, although the water was freezing! On the way to Covanera, we found the place where the Athletic Bilbao Football Club keeps some of their trophies (that is what Edu and Willy told us).

The last day, Thursday, was somehow different. We tried to imitate the car race   that takes place there every August and, surprisingly, the teachers´ car won!! That was the only game or activity Juan Ignacio and Selena won during the course, despite the fact that they participated in all the activities..... That day, at 17.00 the course ended. The students were given a diploma proving they had taken part in the course. The way they said goodbye to us was incredible; Edu played bagpipes and Desmond and Willy sang a goodbye song for us.

Everyone at the residence was really kind and nice, from the cook, the cleaner, and the barman to Luci, Edu, Desmond and Willy. All of them do well with kids and made us feel as part of an important group. The students also behaved fantastically and made all the adults, the teachers and the leaders, have a wonderful time with them.

If you want to find out more about the courses there, visit, or their blog and read what they say about the group from IES Fray Pedro de Urbina. You can also see the video the teachers have prepared with some photos taken those days.

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